Monday, August 22, 2016

DE HAAN 2016

Just like every year we go to De Haan. However this year I missed 2 days since I had to work on thursday and friday. So friday the 19th after work I took the train to Ostend. I was happy to arrive after about 2.5 hours of traveling. Saturday we started the day with a lovely breakfast in our hotel. Afterwards I went into town to buy some strawberries and then I finally head to the beach where we spend the entire day. We ate boules de berlin and played some beach ball and petanque. The weather wasn't horrible at all, but it wasn't great either. So we left around 17:30 to get ready and eat dinner in de Concessie. We ended the night with a drink in Mano. Unfortunately sunday was our last day and the weather really sucked. In the morning we walked around town and saw 'de oude klepper parade'. Then we got hungry and ate a delicious pancake in de Coqisserie. I'm really glad I could visit De Haan this year, even though I had to work. I honestly love spending time at the seaside with my family. Until next year!

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