Wednesday, August 17, 2016


I have a love-hate relationship with reading. Sometimes I love to read a good book and other times I can't be bothered to read one. However, this holiday I read 3 books and I thought it would be fun to write a little review.

1. On Life - Anna Nooshin
On Life is a Dutch book written by the blogger/youtuber Anna Nooshin. In her second book she interviews people who are close to her. She asks them a lot of different questions about a lot of different topics. It turns out to be great advice. I read it in just a few hours and definitely loved it.

2. Novemberschnee - J├╝rgen Banscherus
This is the first German book I've ever read. In my opinion it was quite easy to read, so I definitely recommend this book to people who are learning German. Anyway, the book is about 3 friends who rob a bank. Unfortunately they get caught doing it. They want to move to Australia, but that turns out to not be that easy.

3. Girl online on tour - Zoe Sugg
The last book I read was Zoe Sugg's second book called 'Girl online on tour'. In this book Penny's boyfriend Noah is going on tour and she is joining him, however it isn't how she expected it to be. She gets anonymous texts and Noah has barely time for her. If you want to know how the book ends, you'll need to buy it! ;-) Soon the third book is coming out and can't wait to read it.

Since we're talking about books, I'm currently reading 'Mijn Berlijn' of Marjolein van der Kolk. The book is all about Berlin and it makes me want to book a trip there. I would definitely use this book to plan the entire trip. 

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