Friday, April 8, 2016

APRIL 8TH 2016

Hema soft matt lipbalm
When I went shopping last week, I bought a new lipbalm from Hema. Recently they've added new colours to their lipbalm collection. I bought colour 14, on my lips it's turns out to be a dark brown colour. You can read some good reviews here and here

Twix cookies
If there's one sweet thing I love, than it's Twix. I love the combination of cookies, caramel and chocolate. When I was scrolling through my pinterest feed, I came across these Twix cookies. They look delicious!

The British youtubers are my favourite. I love their videos, their friendship, their lifestyle and of course their accent. This week I watched Zoella's Dubai vlogs again. These vlogs make me want to go to Dubai sooo badly.

Traveling hacks
I love traveling and when Barbora from Vogue Haus posted a blogpost talking about travel hacks, I was so excited. It's a very interesting article.

MsRosieBea make up series
A few weeks ago Rosie started a new series on her channel called 'Modern Decade Makeup'. I loved the different looks she made, you should definitely check it out!

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