Sunday, September 7, 2014


Hi everyone! This summer holiday I went to Thailand for 2-3 weeks. It was my second time in Thailand, this time was more relaxing (in 2011 we made a roadtrip). We went to Phuket, a really nice and touristic place. We made a few excursions which were very cool. Our first excursion was to the Phi Phi islands, it was so beautiful. I love the blue sea! The second excursion was to the James Bond island. And the last excursion was a little 'trip' with a tuctuc through the island. We made a stop at the Big Buddha, some view points, temples, etc. It was a great holiday! Enjoy the pictures! X

Phi Phi island
Some kayaks
Me at one of the Phi Phi islands
A lagoon
Khata view point
Palm trees
Big Buddha
Beautiful temple
James Bond island
More kayaking!
Patong Beach, where we stayed.
Patong Beach

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